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Automatic Contouring Software System,DeepViewer®

DeepViewer is a system that automatically performs CT image organ contouring. The prediction results can be archived in various forms, which can not only realize process automation, but also protect patient information security. Its main functions include manual contouring, automatic contouring and patient management.

Radiotherapy QA Dose-check Software System,ArcherQA®

ArcherQA is a system for radiotherapy QA. It adopts GPU and parallel processing technology, supports multiple dose calculation engines such as Monte Carlo gold standard algorithm, realizes the verification and evaluation of radiotherapy plan, improves the use efficiency of accelerator equipment, and escorts radiotherapy.

Treatment Planning Software System,DeepPlan®

DeepPlan is an intelligent radiotherapy planning system, which integrates AI automatic sketching engine, medical image registration and fusion algorithm, supports dose calculation, inverse optimization and multi-objective optimization algorithms under various treatment modes, all algorithms support GPU and CPU multi-threaded accelerated calculation, support user-defined template and script functions, and can be customized according to users' personalized needs.

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